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Raising A Glass To The Relationships
That Make Us Who We Are

To say that there is competition in my family would be a bit of an understatement. As kids, we were after attention (and food). As young men, we were more interested in freedom and girls (sometimes the same girls). When my oldest brother moved from New York to California to start a winery and convinced my dad to come and help, we all signed up for a new adventure.
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Building the winery from nothing and trying to tame a wild ranch into a vineyard, felt more like feats of strength on a game show than a concerted effort to accomplish something.

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We turned ditch digging, trellising and construction work into our newest competition and eventually managed to harness our collective energy into something productive.

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As the youngest by far, I always felt I had something to prove. I wanted to shoulder as much as my brothers back then and be taken seriously as we charted the path of the business. It took a lot to earn my spot at the table. My brothers rarely cut me any slack, but man did I learn a LOT over the years. We gave each other a ton of grief, but we also celebrated wins together.

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Our achievements were shared. Our families grew, our family of employees grew, our visitors and wine club members grew and all of a sudden we’d created a community of people passionate about wine.

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four decades later

Almost four decades later, my brothes have retired or are working on their own pet projects. As I roll up my sleeves and step up to my time to lead, I couldn’t be more grateful to them for shaping the man and leader I am today. Tribute Wines are my way of honoring the journey we took together and the special bond we forged. In my family, the truly great moments were often the little ones, four generations around the dinner table on a random Tuesday or a hard day’s work wrapped up at our neighborhood bar. When I raise a glass of Tribute, it’s those times that come flooding back. So here’s to the big, little moments - may we create many more!

- Chris Benziger Chris Benziger Signature
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Chris Benziger

Meet the youngest of the Benziger brothers and read about his journey to becoming a winemaker.

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