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Paso Robles Cabernet Sauvignon

Blackberry. Dark Cherry. Baking Spices. Vanilla.

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Wine Style

Enticing notes of blackberry, dark cherry, baking spices, and vanilla. This bold Paso Robles Cabernet undergoes eight months of barrel aging, infusing it with the robust character of American oak. With its big body & bold profile, this Cabernet embodies the unapologetic essence of our winemaking style.

Pairing Suggestion
This wine goes great with cast iron rosemary Ribeye or smoked BBQ ribs.

Appellation & Farming

The 2021 Paso Robles wine vintage was nothing short of exceptional. The region’s warm climate and ample sunshine contributed to the development of ripe and flavorful grapes. In our vineyards, we embrace the time-honored tradition of California sprawl pruning. By allowing the vines to sprawl freely, they gain a rebellious vigor, shielding the grapes from the warm daytime temperatures with an unruly swagger. The predominantly clay soil also offers protection, retaining moisture and providing a cool, consistent temperature.

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