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Pinot Noir

Juicy. Wild Strawberry. Earth.

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Wine Style

Fresh and juicy with aromas of wild strawberry, ripe plum, and black cherry. Notes of bright red fruit, clove and vanilla come alive on the palate, and are met with a smooth velvety finish. The Pinot Noir is cold soaked for 2-4 days, fermented cold, and aged in French & Hungarian oak.

Pairing Suggestion
This wine goes great with pork, salmon, or just kicking back on the deck with the people who matter most.


Appellation & Farming

Tribute Pinot Noir is sourced from the renowned growing region of the Monterey AVA, primarily from two vineyards, McCoy Vineyard and San Lucas Vineyard. The macroclimate that the Pacific Ocean air & fog produces allows for fruit that is bursting with flavor and a balanced wine with acidity and smooth tannins. A long growing season combined sloped vineyards and pristine soil conditions allowed the vineyards to thrive & the fruit to mature exquisitely.

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